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Five goals to success

Sheri_PruittThere are many books and programs that encourage people to stop smoking, get organized, spend less, or exercise more, but they rarely explain how to change.  Sheri Pruitt, PhD, behavioral science consultant will teach you how to take control of your life and make positive, permanent changes. 

Managing back pain

Amit banerjee, MDYou know the all-too familiar feeling: Your back aches when you sit or stand for long periods of time. But what can you do to help manage the pain? Amit Banerjee, MD, Neurosurgery, explains what causes back pain and the latest treatments.

Oh, your aching feet! Steps to keep your pain at bay

Dr.-VoigtlanderOh, your aching feet! It’s a common complaint and there can be many reasons. James Voigtlander, MD, Orthopedics , discusses the causes, remedies, and prevention to keep your foot pain at bay.

Building a Healthy Plate

Sarah Baracco photoIt’s after lunch and a few hours before dinner … and that’s when it starts – that rumbling in your stomach. How do you squelch it and still eat healthy? Learn some strategies from Sarah Baracco, RD, CDE, as she gives a presentation on “Building a Healthy Plate”

Exercise tips to keep you healthy and strong at any age

Dr.-Mark-Skinner_61x61 How can you stay healthy and strong at any age? Mark Skinner, MD, Orthopedics shares some things about exercise that you may surprise you.


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