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Heart Health

Dr. Marjon-FaribaMarjon Fariba, MD, talks about what a healthy heart is and shares steps on how you can improve your heart’s health.



Blood Pressure Matters

Davis LiuDid you know that exercise and a healthy diet can help prevent high blood pressure? Davis Liu, MD, Adult Medicine, Chief of Chronic Conditions Management, Roseville,  talks about why your blood pressure matters.


Exercise and Losing Weight

What do you need to do to drop those extra pounds? Find out what Michael Okimura, MD,  says about exercise and losing weight.


Healthy Aging

Shelly Garone, MD, shares what normal aging looks like, how your body and brain changes as you age, and what to expect. She also gives some aging tips that she shares with her patients.


Exercise and Menopause

Cathie Elmasian, MD, Women’s Health, speaks about the importance of exercise in improving overall health and especially menopause in women.


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