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Mid-Year Goals Check In

Eileen Peterson, health educatorEileen Peterson, Kaiser Permanente Dietitian discusses doing a mid-year check-in on 2019 goals, and how to stay on track with nutrition and mindfulness.

Fitness and Stretching as we age

Kaiser Permanente Health Educator Carol Hafer discusses fitness and stretching as we age.

Taking care of yourself as a caregiver

Shelly Garone, MD, Hospice and Palliative Care discusses taking care of yourself as a caregiver. Read more about Dr. Garone here.

Mindfulness & Resiliency

Kaiser Permanente Health Educator and certified Holistic Health Coach Kera Proffitt discusses mindfulness and resiliency.

Cancer Prevention & Survivorship

Shelly Garone, MD, Hospice and Palliative Care, discusses cancer prevention and survivorship. Learn more about Dr. Garone here.

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