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Mid-Year Goals Check In

Eileen Peterson, health educatorEileen Peterson, Kaiser Permanente Dietitian discusses doing a mid-year check-in on 2019 goals, and how to stay on track with nutrition and mindfulness.

Fitness and Stretching as we age

Kaiser Permanente Health Educator Carol Hafer discusses fitness and stretching as we age.

Taking care of yourself as a caregiver

Shelly Garone, MD, Hospice and Palliative Care discusses taking care of yourself as a caregiver. Read more about Dr. Garone here.

Mindfulness & Resiliency

Kaiser Permanente Health Educator and certified Holistic Health Coach Kera Proffitt discusses mindfulness and resiliency.

Cancer Prevention & Survivorship

Shelly Garone, MD, Hospice and Palliative Care, discusses cancer prevention and survivorship. Learn more about Dr. Garone here.

Living with Arthritis

Terry Raposa, DO, Family Medicine discusses the topic of living with arthritis. Learn more about Dr. Raposa here.

Hypertension Prevention and Treatment

In his presentation, Richard Haynes, MD, Internal Medicine, discusses hypertension, including what it is, how to prevent it, and how best to treat it. Learn more about Dr. Haynes here.

Surviving the holidays is a marathon, not a sprint

Eileen Peterson, health educatorThe holiday season stretches on and on, and it’s tough to stick to healthy habits during this time. Learn some tricks from Registered Dietitian Eileen Peterson here.

Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

The health benefits of a delicious and nutritious plant-based diet and share some resources to help get you started, like this Healthy Living Guide to Plant-Based Diets. Learn more about Dr. Lippe here.

Enhanced Recovery after Surgery

Dr. Voigtlander will speak about Kaiser Permanente’s Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) program, and how it is significantly improving surgical outcomes. Learn more about Dr. Voigtlander here.

Lifelong Living – Keeping our Children and Grandchildren Healthy

Dr. Ernesto Riverarivera, Pediatric Cardiology, presents on Lifelong Living – Keeping our Children and Grandchildren Healthy.

Cataract Surgery & Lasik Procedures

mcfarlandDr. Scott McFarland, MD, Kaiser Permanente Chief of Ophthalmology, discusses cataract surgery and lasik procedures.

Fall Prevention

Shelly_Garone Dr. Shelly Garone, Kaiser Permanente Assistant Physician-in-Chief and Palliative and Elder Care physician presents on the topic of fall Prevention.

Fuel for Exercise

Eileen Peterson, health educatorKP Registered Dietician Eileen Peterson shares Fuel for Exercise, a presentation on what to eat before and after exercising to maximize the benefits.

Best places to enjoy the outdoors



When the skies are clear and you want some great scenery where can you go? Willard Ellis, MD, Hospital Medicine, talks about the best places to put your feet in motion.

Five goals to success

Sheri_PruittThere are many books and programs that encourage people to stop smoking, get organized, spend less, or exercise more, but they rarely explain how to change.  Sheri Pruitt, PhD, behavioral science consultant will teach you how to take control of your life and make positive, permanent changes. 

Managing back pain

Amit banerjee, MDYou know the all-too familiar feeling: Your back aches when you sit or stand for long periods of time. But what can you do to help manage the pain? Amit Banerjee, MD, Neurosurgery, explains what causes back pain and the latest treatments.

Oh, your aching feet! Steps to keep your pain at bay

Dr.-VoigtlanderOh, your aching feet! It’s a common complaint and there can be many reasons. James Voigtlander, MD, Orthopedics , discusses the causes, remedies, and prevention to keep your foot pain at bay.

Building a Healthy Plate

Sarah Baracco photoIt’s after lunch and a few hours before dinner … and that’s when it starts – that rumbling in your stomach. How do you squelch it and still eat healthy? Learn some strategies from Sarah Baracco, RD, CDE, as she gives a presentation on “Building a Healthy Plate”

Exercise tips to keep you healthy and strong at any age

Dr.-Mark-Skinner_61x61 How can you stay healthy and strong at any age? Mark Skinner, MD, Orthopedics shares some things about exercise that you may surprise you.


Top 8 ways to avoid a trip to the ED

WippermannOur physicians, nurses, and staff want you and your family to stay as healthy as possible. So what can you do to stay out of the ED? Listen to a presentation by Brian Wippermann, MD, Emergency Medicine, on the “Top eight ways you can avoid visiting the ED.”


Making the smart choice the easy choice

Eileen Peterson, health educatorHow do you make right choice the easy choice when it comes to your health? Eileen Peterson MPH, RD, will discuss simple steps you can take to get fit and stay healthy.


Protecting your bone health

Protecting your bone health is easier than you think. Listen to a presentation by Robert Azevedo, MD, Physician-in-Chief, Sacramento. He discusses how diet, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors can affect your bone mass and overall health.

Signs, symptoms, and treatment for Prostate Cancer

Dr. GYou eat fairly well and exercise. But for a lot of men, a trip to the doctor isn’t on the to-do list. That can be bad if it means you brush off early signs of cancer. One of the best ways to fight the disease is to catch it in the early stages. Vish Gajendran, MD, Urology, discusses the signs, symptoms, and treatment for Prostate Cancer.

Changing the lives of breast cancer survivors

Ernie Bodai, MD, director,  The Breast Cancer Survivorship Institute in Sacramento, and creator of the Breast Cancer Stamp discusses the impact the stamp has had world-wide and how his The Breast Cancer Survivorship Institute is improving lives.

How to detect and treat Hypertension

Dr-Haynes_61x61Walking 30 minutes a day, five days a week is good for your body, and even your heart. Kaiser Permanente physician, Richard Haynes, MD, Internal Medicine, discusses how you can detect Hypertension and the best ways to treat it.

How to protect your joints

Dr.-VoigtlanderYour joints roll, glide, rotate or bend to let you run, jump and walk. They come in different sizes, shapes and varieties, but all of them are susceptible to wear and tear. Listen to James Voigtlander, MD, Orthopedics, as he talks about How to Protect Your Joints.

The silent thief of vision – Glaucoma

Dr.-Sidney-GutmannFear of the unknown is one of the greatest issues facing patients who are losing their vision. Listen to the presentation The Silent Thief of Vision – Glaucoma, by Sidney Gutmann, MD, Opthomology.


Managing your weight

Ale Wilson - Manage WeightKeeping your weight in check can often times feel like a balancing act. Ale Wilson, Kaiser Permanente Senior Health Educator and certified fitness specialist, discusses How to  Manage Your Weight.  Simple but powerful ways to avoid common dieting pitfalls, achieve lasting weight loss success, and develop a healthier relationship with food and exercise.

Preventing cancer through good nutrition

How can a healthy diet help you prevent or fight cancer? Listen to Andrew Klonecke, MD, Nuclear Medicine, as he talks about “Preventing Cancer Through Good Nutrition”

The importance of staying active

People of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities can benefit from being physically active. Listen to Brian Wippermann, MD, Emergency Medicine, as he talks about “The Importance of Staying Active”

Protecting your skin

Dr. McLaughlin photo
Warm weather is here and that means more time in the sun. Dr. Robert McLaughlin talks about what you can do to recognize the signs of skin cancer and how to protect your skin.

Thriving with Arthritis

Dr. Lambie
What are the signs and symptoms of arthritis? And what are the best ways to treat it? Dr. Paul Lambie,  Rheumatology, discusses how you can “Thrive with Arthritis”.

Building Better Bones

Walking strengthens the connection between body and mind but can it also build stronger bones? Listen as Mark Skinner, MD, Orthopedics, give tips on how you can build better, stronger bones.

Heart Health: The good, the bad, and the ugly

We encourage everyone to renew their commitment to heart health. The good news is that heart disease is largely preventable. Anthony Retodo, MD, Internal Medicine, speaks about how you can get healthy and stay healthy when it comes to cardiovascular fitness.

How to keep your eyes healthy


Do you know what the leading cause of blindness is in the U.S.? Listen to a presentation on the risk factors, natural progression, monitoring, treatment, and prognosis for Macular Degeneration from Sidney Gutmann, MD, Ophthalmology

Pre-diabetes or diabetes: 10 things you should do

Dr.-Michael-OkimuraDo you have diabetes? Are you pre-diabetic? Michael Okimura, MD, Endocrinology, discusses the 10 things you should do if you are.


Five most common foot problems

Tim-Buell,-MD Do you have foot pain? Timothy Buell, MD, Podiatric Surgery, talks about the most common problems he sees and what you can do to stay pain free and avoid surgery.


Preventing Falls

Manzoor_61x61Fall prevention — Take simple steps to prevent falls and maintain your independence. Shahid Manzoor, MD, Hospital Medicine, talks about how simple it can be to stay safe and injury free.


Plan ahead for you and your family


Kathy-EdwardsDo you have an advanced directive? Do you want to know more about them? Listen as Kathy Edwards, RN, Palliative Care discusses advanced directives, the importance of having one, and how to get one for you or a family member.

Living with Arthritis

Dr. Lambie


Paul Lambie, MD, Rheumatology, talks about different types of arthritis and how exercise can help.

How to keep your back healthy and pain free

Mark Hawk, MD, Assistant Physician-in-Chief, Neurosurgery, discusses what you can do to keep your spine healthy and ways to improve and prevent pain.

Fuel Your Body for Performance and Recovery

Eileen Peterson, health educatorEileen Peterson, Registered Dietician, talks about how to fuel your body for performance and recovery. She also provides tips on how to use leftovers and cook-ahead techniques to your advantage in eating for energy.


Managing Stress

Dr. Renee Nelson


Are you stressed? Renee Nelson, MD, Family Medicine, chief of Health Promotion, talks about what you can do to manage stress in your life.

Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet



Andrew Klonecke, MD, speaks on the benefits of eating a plant-based diet. Hear how making simple changes can improve your health.

Heart Health

Dr. Marjon-FaribaMarjon Fariba, MD, talks about what a healthy heart is and shares steps on how you can improve your heart’s health.



Blood Pressure Matters

Davis LiuDid you know that exercise and a healthy diet can help prevent high blood pressure? Davis Liu, MD, Adult Medicine, Chief of Chronic Conditions Management, Roseville,  talks about why your blood pressure matters.


Exercise and Losing Weight

What do you need to do to drop those extra pounds? Find out what Michael Okimura, MD,  says about exercise and losing weight.


Healthy Aging

Shelly Garone, MD, shares what normal aging looks like, how your body and brain changes as you age, and what to expect. She also gives some aging tips that she shares with her patients.


Exercise and Menopause

Cathie Elmasian, MD, Women’s Health, speaks about the importance of exercise in improving overall health and especially menopause in women.


Exercise’s Impact on Reducing the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia that gradually gets worse over time. It affects memory, thinking, and behavior.  Jack Rozance, MD, Neurology, shares how a healthy diet and exercise may have a positive impact for reducing your risk of the disease, and offers ideas on how you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

How to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Eileen Peterson, health educatorEileen Peterson, Kaiser Permanente Health Educator,  suggests ways for everybody to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet.




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